We are a marketing agency specialized in crypto brands & NFT projects

With more than 13+ years of marketing experience, we will boost the brand awareness of your Crypto & NFT projects.

About Us

Kmars is a marketing agency that specializes in crypto and NFT, and we provide one-stop services for those interested in launching NFT projects.

We combine all the key services in launching NFT projects and use marketing tools along with the team, which has more than 13 years of marketing experience.

Planning for the long term is what we focus to help build the NFT project together.

Our Services

NFT Consulting and

Designing roadmap

  • Strategy consulting for NFT
  • In-depth project analysis
  • Find a partner
  • Create Roadmap

Alpha Network

  • Connect to alpha group
  • AMA on global stage
  • Connecting to bluechip project 
  • Whitelist  collaboration

Website Development

  • Full website design
  • Connect wallet and mint NFT
  • Connect with the NFT marketplace.
  • Customize website features.

PR Campaign

  • PR for Crypto/NFT projects
  • Build social proof & authenticity
  • Improve your Google Ranking

Influencer Marketing

  • Partner with Thai/Global Influencers
  • Chooses project-match influencers
  • Control your budget

Online Marketing

  • Manage Ads campaign
  • Use the right tools for your project
  • Planning and posting content on social media

Crowd marketing

  • Creating hype in Discord
  • Making people go crazy with FOMO.

Event Marketing

  • Organize Crypto/NFT events
  • End-to-end event management services 
  • Offline marketing campaigns

Community Management

  • Make the community active
  • Manage 24/7 both in Thai and Global
  • Strengthen community relationship

Discord Set Up

  • Set up Discord and bots
  • Manage Discord chats
  • Long term maintenance

Our Clients